Hi, I am Zesta. 
Mural Artist, Street Artist, Graffiti Artist.
I am part of a painting duo with Page33.
Nature is something that connects all of us in someway, so we like to paint people, animals or scenes with plants. 
We explore this concept through patterns and linework referencing cultures and everyday scenes that connect people across the planet.

In 2001 I was introduced to graffiti which was my introduction to mural art. My style of graffiti lettering features a lot in my murals, grounding me to my roots. Styles I work in range from illustrative to realism.

Brands I have worked with include Netflix, Converse, T-MobileBMW, VodacomDeloittePeugeot and Saatchi & Saatchi
We collaborate on commercial projects as Unity Murals, our studio is based in The Netherlands.
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